Hi, I’m Victor.

Co-founder at North, a digital product studio from Barcelona.

I get stuff done and help others do the same. Being outdoors, curiosity, authenticity, and life’s simple pleasures —like great food— turn me on.

Here are some ideas I build for fun on my free time.

Veggies in Season

An iOS app to help you eat healthily, by making it easy to know which vegetables and fruits are in season. Built in React Native. Get it from the App Store or read here about my experience building it.


Interactive playground to create nice-looking charts very easily. It is a pure client-side application built in React.js. View the source or give it a try. It had a steady flow of hundreds of daily users for almost 3 years, and made it to #1 of Product Hunt.


A troubleshooting utility to compare in a visual way the differences in HTTP headers and the message body between two API requests. View the source or visit the site. Featured at the top of Hacker News and received tens of thousands of visits.


Support widget that makes it easy to show relevant documentation links based on the context of the user at any moment. It is bundled as a Javascript/CSS library that can be embedded in any website or webapp. Learn more here


A Chrome extension to control audio or video playing in background tabs. You will no longer need to search among all your open tabs every time you have to pause what you are listening to. You can get it here or check the source code here. Released two years before Chrome and Safari included this same feature natively.


A tiny Mac app to generate looping GIFs from videos. Just drag&drop and it is ready to go. Also my first stint at Objective-C development. View the source here or get it from the Mac app store.